The theatrical group Kiddderpore Rong-Bay-Rong came into being under the guidance of Mr. Tanmoy Chandra, Mr. Aakash Bhattacharyya, Ms. Gargi Banerjee and Md. Arif with the foundation stone being laid on May 22M, 2012. The group has till date succeeded in nurturing budding talents in the field of theatre acting and has given a number of performances in the city of Kolkata and its vicinity.
To present innovative and entertaining plays to inspire audience from every stratum of the society and showing them a path for a better form of living, and to provide opportunities to budding talents who can create the theatrical experience to express their art, thereby carving a separate niche in the world of drama for ourselves.


Founder Tanmoy Chandra has not only expertise in script writing and direction, but also fostered the art of theatre acting into young and enthusiastic actors through routine workshops which he himself conducts. Other than the founder members, as date the group comprises of dedicated members, who in spite of their other Professional commitments have come forward to uphold this group which has altogether drifted the group to a significant stratum in the world of theatre.


Our Admins

Tanmoy Chandra
Founder & Director
Gargi Banerjee
Co Founder
Aakash Bhattacharyya
Co Founder
Anwesha Ghosh
Anwesha Ghosh